Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Logo

Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Logo
Entrance of Ancestral Goa A Welcome Entryway

The fort and the facade, an armoured Warrior and the entrance of the foyer to your first step into the past of Goa’s rich and eco-friendly treasury and you know you are there. You are about to begin a memorable journey, one that will carry in your soul for all time.

Castles are associated with moats and palaces with armoured turrets, but your glimpse into the glory of a richly textured past is about to begin at the entrance to a sedately frozen warrior whose facial expression is not only friendly but positively benign.

A gently rounded turret leads off the swan bedecked little gateway. As you near the much photographed warrior you see a low beamed structure lushly ornamented with floral designs and elephants bearing festooned pillars upon their backs.

This is the FOYER to Goa’s first ever theme parkland. An area that from the pages of a history book turns from paragraph to paragraph detailing the metamorphosis of a land from the innocence of childhood to the graceful maturity of adulthood. In the colonial era the homes of the affluent bore the distinct markings of a warm welcome and gracious existence.

Welcome Ticka The FOYER at “Ancestral Goa” is replete with all the markings of a gracious and affluent household. A high beamed ceiling, a tasselled silk fan {punkah}, glazed pottery and platted from Macau, China and Belgian lamps. A heralder or announcer cum musician sits at a little niche near the entrance above the fan. You are about to take a long trek into the past.

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