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Ocimum is known as Holy Basil in English and Tulasi in sanskrit other name used for the Tulsi are Manjari, Krishna Tulsi, Trittavu, Tulshi and Thulsi..... Tulsi is a heavy branched plant having hair all over. It attain the height of about 75-90 cms. It has round oval shaped leaves which are upto 5cm long. Its seeds are flat. Its flowers are purple-creamish in colour . The common Tulsi with green leaves are called Ram Tulsi and one with the reddish leaves is called Krishna Tulsi. Leaves of Tulsi contains very essential oils. Here at Ancestral Goa one can gather knowledge of about 12 different varieties of Tulsi plants.

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The Orchard Bloom

In Goa, the seasons are marked not so much by the changes in the climate but by the agricultural produce. It therefore follows that the onset of summer is the most awaited for all the fruit bearing trees that flower sometime from the months of December onwards. These flowers are watched with attention and the period of the fruit bearing is approximately predicted. With commercial ventures, most of these age-old systems have died and the newer methods get an enhanced produce but more often this is insip and lacks the readiness of the seasoned fruit of yore.

Fruits like the tart Jagomas, Advachim foddam and Ottom are now extinct except in some rare areas. This being the case The Orchard Bloom, at Ancestral Goa, attempts to preserve very strictly this aspect. Each tree not only carries information about its nutritional value but also about its medicinal value. The historical reasons of the why and wherefore of the fruitís growth are also expounded upon, here. The unusual Chuarinn is a humble shrub and its sweet and sour black berries are a high source of vitamin C and also have tremendous medicinal value.

The Orchard Bloom is a space of difference that captures the essence of the Goa of the past, at its very best.
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Medicinal Pure

Humble roadside shrubs like the neolkantto, the periwinkle, the kiraittem are today almost non-existent because of various aspects of development. These little plants have tremendous potential in their small little leaves, fruit and succulent stems. This medicinal value, the household tips and the various rare and invaluable pointers are part of the vast array of plants that line the Medicinal Pure.

A solitary walk along the various areas where over a hundred different basil plants are growing is a rejuvenating experience that is unparalleled. Organic fertilizers, no toxic sprays and a clean and green hiatus are the highlights of the Medicinal Pure.
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Spice Green

Where do you get to see Mint plants of Chocolate, Eau de cologne, spicy and many other exotic varieties? Spice Green houses the exotic food coloring tree, the luscious green strands of pepper, curry leaves and basmati flavoring slivers of leaf. Cinnamon, Cardamom and coffee plants are the aromatic hub along the path that has the unusual five-spice shrub.

Natureís Cures

Pomegranate Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Pomegranate

Latin: Punica Granatum
English: Pomegranate
Sanskrit: Dadimah
Hindi: Anar
Parts Used: Roots, bark, flowers, fruits and seeds.

Bleeding Piles: Take a tsp of the powder of the dry rind of pomegranate with butter milk to arrest the bleeding.

Blood in motions and Diarrhoea: A decoction of equal parts of Kutaja bark and pomegranate rind powder is taken with a tsp of honey.

Distaste: Saunph and pomegranate seeds should be pasted and held in the mouth to clear the unpleasant taste. Tastelessness: The juice of pomegranate, rock salt and honey should be held in the mouth for a few minutes and then swallowed.

Bleeding from the mouth: The powder of the rind of pomegranate fruit should be licked with sugar and honey. Prevent Abortion: In threat of abortion during the 5th month of pregnancy, the powder of the leaves of pomegranate and sandal powder should be taken frequently with yoghurt and honey.

Firm Breasts: An oil is prepared with the paste of the fruit and sesame oil are applied on the breasts regularly for firmness.

Clove Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Clove

Latin: Syzygium Aromaticum
English: Clove
Sanskrit: Lavangam
Hindi: Laung
Parts used: Dried flower buds 

Vomiting: Fry a couple of cloves, powder them and add a little honey to it for licking down slowly to stop vomiting.

Stye: In this eye infection, paste clove and apply on the spot to reduce inflammation. Tooth cavity: Drop a little clove juice into the dental cavity to numb the nerve endings and bring down pain. You could even chew the cloves as such for same effect.

Headache: Clove oil is a celebrated remedy for both headaches and toothaches. Even pasted clove can be applied to the head as a counter irritant to relieve headache.

Coughs: Even longstanding coughs can be rooted out by constantly chewing cloves. Some cloves in a glass of hot milk will also serve the purpose.

Subside Thirst: Especially in intestinal disorders when there is constant thirst, the peel of cloves should be pasted and taken with hot water.

Garlic Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Garlic

Latin: Allium cepa
English: Garlic
Sanskrit: Lasunah, Rasonah
Hindi: Lahsun
Parts used: Bulbs

Seasonal fever: Mix a few cloves of garlic with some til oil or ghee and take it before a warm nutritious meal to bring down fever of any type.

Epileptic fits: The usages of the same preparations of garlic cloves with oil should be taken daily incase of epilepsy. Infected wounds: Make a fine paste of garlic cloves and apply on wounds to rid them of worms. Roll the paste into a ball and leave it on the wound.

Ear Aches: Instill a few drops of the juice of garlic cloves in the aching ear or crush a few cloves of garlic in some til oil and instill the same into the ear.

Joint pains / High Cholesterol and Heart Disease: Boil a few crushed cloves in a glass of milk and 4 glasses of water and reduce it to a glass. Take this preparation every day for about 40 days and feel the difference.

Asthma and Respiratory Allergies: Take some ginger with some garlic cloves in it twice a day to reduce susceptibility to allergies and clear airways.

The Old Warrior Ancestral Goa Bigfoot The Cacti Garden Ancestral Goa Bigfoot The Old Warrior

A replica of the masterpiece of the 4th century and a rock garden with 150 varieties of cactii.

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