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TAVERNA - The country liquor shop Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Taverna
(The country liquor shop)

As a consequence of such an abundance in the production of such a variety and quantity of alcohol, as happens in Goa, small inns and bars, made an appearance. They first came onto the scene as 'Tavernas'.

These country liquor shops, built of mud & stone and partly white washed had a long verandah with wooden and mud benches and a roof made of Mangalore tiles. A wooden counter was fixed to the service window from where the drinks, pure cashew and coconut feni flavoured with citrus peels or wild roots called "dudshiri", urak and sodas were served and consumed mostly by the locals. Big green bottles known as "garfao" were used to store the liquor.

A wide open patio fronted the bar where after a hard day's toil, labourers would sit and socialise with each other. A board game, "Tablam" was also a focal point. This involved an oval, wooden, slatted board with a coloured slider and four coloured sticks which had to be flung to the ground for play.

Tablam Ancestral Goa Bigfoot At the Taverna at Ancestral Goa, the popular Goan nectar, "Feni" is on display and sale. Also on display is an unique vintage soda machine which was used to make marble soda.

Coconut or Palm feni is available in different types. Different ingredients are added during the distillation process.
a) Zeera Feni:- It helps in digesting.
b) Ale Feni:- Helps to cure common cold.
c) Dudhshiri Feni:- Distilled with roots of a plant (Dudhshiri) it helps in relief of body pains and aches.

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