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Poder Caetancamil Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Poder Caetancamil

Poder is a term used for Goan bread man, who had the jingling of the bells and bottle caps attached to a 'dando' (stick) which sounded the dawn and his arrival with piping hot ‘pao’ (in Portuguese). The various types of bread that filled the poder’s basket were: pao (dinner rolls), undo (crusty dinner rolls), poie (round bread pocket, made with wheat flour and maida), katro (rectangular shaped bread with convex sides), kankonn (‘bangle’ or crusty doughnut shaped bread), bol (large round sweet coconutty bread). Migrants from Goa introduced the pao to Mumbai and the rest of India when they moved to Bombay.

Sweet Mart Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Sweet Mart

In Goa, no Jatra or Feast is complete without visiting a 'Maand' where one can enjoy the delicious local sweets namely Kadio-Bodio, Khajem, Revdyo, Ladoo etc. Without this local sweets shop the Jatras and Feasts are incomplete in Goa.

Tinto Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Fish for sale Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Tinto

The local market place as it were, can be likened to a crude, primitive departmental store where fish, meat and the local produce in vegetables and fruits, baskets, rope and even farming implements and livestock were sold.

It is as essential an aspect of the village as its houses, church and temple. An open high dais with broad pillars and a tiled roof - the 'Tinto' was and till today, still is, a spacious & airy structure. Posters with important announcements were affixed on the pillars.

Dovornem Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Dovornem

The load bearers weren't always animals in Goa - like oxen. People, labourers and the like, carried baskets laden with goods from one village to the next. This journey on foot often took a day or more. These laterite posts called "Dovornem", like milestones, dotted the paths at regular intervals, placed sufficiently close, enabled the weary traveller to unload his burden, rest and then proceed. The ingenious height and width necessitated no bending or lifting even.

Gram Seller Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Gram Seller Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Gram Seller

The gram seller would roast the grams in a mud oven, in a traditional way. With the help of a long stick ‘doulo’ he would churn the grams in the sand and make them pop, serving them hot to his customers.

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