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Deeper than the azure ocean flanking the Goan coastline is the faith of the Goan people as its aptly demonstrated in the holy cross, a simple white washed stone structure.

These little shrines are flower decked and filled with wax from the numerous votive candles placed there by believers. In the evenings, one often comes across groups of faithful, devoutly singing litanies (hymns) invoking a blessing or in thanksgiving for favours granted.

The cross on the Goan landscape besides being a reminder along the way of God's presence also serves as a meeting point and a local landmark.

At "Ancestral Goa" - the cross gathers its faithful every year on the 7th of February in a ceremony of Thanksgiving.

Boca da Vaca Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Fishing at Boca da Vaca Ancestral Goa Bigfoot
Boca da Vaca

Most springs in Goa have miraculous healing powers - medicinal and restorative. In villages the springs dotting the hillsides were the main water sources for the villagers. A hollow stem of a palm leaf was often fitted into the source, so that the water would flow evenly.

At Ancestral Goa, the spring flows through an earthen ware cow's mouth, hence its name Boca da Vaca (Cow's mouth). The flowing water benefits not only the washer woman but also collects to form a pond sanctuary for birds, fish and animals.

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