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BIRD HABITAT - Feathered Friends Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Feathered Friends

Trekking through the lush vegetable, fruit and spice garden, as one approaches India's longest laterite sculpture, a whole section of the thickly wooded hill untouched and untroded upon by humans is inhabited by a vibrant selection of birds.

This one green portion of the otherwise landscaped hillside acts as a natural habitat where a wide variety of local and exotic birds fly in. Among the well-known species are the Kingfisher, Bulbul, Crane, Owl, Pigeon, Koel, Myan, Parakeet, Wagtail, Woodpecker, Gold throat, Weaverbird, Crow Pheasant, Commoner Babbler, Wild Fowl, Golden Oriole, Partridge, Racket Tailed Drongo, Paddy Bird, Baya Weaver, Sunbird, Bee Eater, Paradise Flycatcher and many others.

Titli Baag Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Titli Baag

The butterflies are growing smaller and fewer, the bees are getting extinct and all in the name of progress, boosted by the very modern technology. What better then to provide these winged fragile insects with a small place of their own, a bit of heaven as it were? At Ancestral Goa, the path of Nature begins its trek where you first step on the land that is kept aside to make sure that all that is lost, fading, dying and disappearing will have a moment of respite and flourish. So in an abundance of leafy shrubs, fleshy petal flowers and lots of shade, the “Titli Baag” wings it way towards protecting these vibrantly hued winged species of the Insect kingdom.

Shanti Vaan Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Shanti Vaan

Whilst the boundaries of Ancestral Goa, create a divide between the hub of a busy thoroughfare and the silence of Nature nourishing itself, the hill which seats one of Goa’s few prime locales which protects the ethnic culture of the state is home to some unusual features. Flanking India’s longest laterite sculptures Mirabai, is a Buddha-like form of a meditating figure of divinity. Many who sit there in repose, in introspection liken it to a form closest to their prayer or devotional. The Shanti Vaan is in a prime location that is enclosed in a bower of terraced hill, fruit trees and local teak and almond. The meditating sculpture provides a focal point for all those willing to take that step into the “Quiet”.

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