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Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Logo
Bairo de Sao Tome Ancestral Goa Bigfoot Bairo Alto

Amongst some of the most vivid scenes and the most concrete examples of “Communal Harmony” is the goan populace. Goa, for long has been a state where religious tolerance comes across as a very vital link to the community that speaks a language of friendship and mutual respect for each others beliefs, customs and rituals. These interdependent links have been often capitalized upon for varying reasons, be they festive, causes for celebrations or simply a state of being.

At “Ancestral Goa” this vital link betwixt the human race is highlighted at the Bairo Alto with figures depicting different religions. Their dress codes, styles of being and their predominant presence amongst environs that co exist with each other and the eco system around is the highlight of this area.

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